Updating technology skills web design podcasting dating male profile user in usa

Updating technology skills web design podcasting

Such lists may be more appropriate on a site such as Delicious whose purpose is to collect links.Even Wikipedia may be more appropriate since each page does not have a list of answers. Herding Code Deep Fried Bytes Spaghetti Code The Sparkling Client Plumbers @ Work Polymorphic Podcast ALT. NET Podcast Radio TFS Power Scripting Podcast Software Engineering Radio stackoverflow Podcast The Thirsty Developer Thought Works - IT Matters Podcast Agile Toolkit Podcast Ajaxian Podcast Pragmatic Podcasts Channel 9 Audio Feed EDIT: Missed one: Elegant Code Cast This one's not specifically about development, but Security Now from Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte is an excellent discussion of security issues.Dave has been a professional speaker, trainer and evangelist for over a decade.He has taught full-day courses on many topics including mobile apps, cloud, and the web.NET developer nowadays, maybe anyone knows some good Podcasts from people regarding the whole software lifecycle? This question exists because it has historical significance, but it is not considered a good, on-topic question for this site, so please do not use it as evidence that you can ask similar questions here. People aren't going to browse 4 pages of results and to vote 2.

The show will cover a wide variety of topics related to the career of being a developer.Dave has helped launch numerous technology platforms, frameworks, and programming languages across an array of devices at both Microsoft and Amazon.Dave is also an author for and can be found on Twitter @The Dave Dev and the Alexa Developer Blog. Blankenstein, for the creation of the intro and outro music used in this podcast. They keep you entertained while you’re commuting or on a long plane ride, and they provide useful information that you can integrate into your daily routine as a Web professional.Keeping track of the ever-changing selection and finding quality podcasts that feature exactly the topics you are interested in can be painful. We have put together an extensive list that includes your soon-to-be favorite podcast — whether you are a developer looking for coding advice, a designer seeking inspiration or a startup businessperson. On the Grid is a design podcast featuring Matt Mc Inerney, Andy Mangold and Dan Auer.

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As Pascal points out, answer votes don't matter much as the list changes or becomes out of date. I think it's a must-listen for just about any computer user who's concerned about security, and especially for web developers who are responsible both for the security of their site and at least partially responsible for their users' security.

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