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'Eyes wide, Hermione unlocked and opened her window, sticking her head out.'Who's there? A tall figure moved around and Hermione squinted a bit as the streetlight danced across the figure's face.'Hey, Hermione,' Ron whispered. Ron grinned at her.'Hey,' he said.'Why are you here? Hermione suppressed a shiver as tingles exploded in her arm, shooting through her veins and spreading through her entire body.. Hermione gave a shaky laugh before grabbing her wand and stowing it in the inside pocket of her jean jacket before following her mother out of her bedroom. Hermione shook her head.'Well, I just never thought you would bother getting a licence,' she said. Before Hermione could even get her seatbelt off, though, Ron was on her side of the car, opening her door for her. They reached the trees and Ron turned to her.'Do you know how to climb a tree? With Ron's boost, Hermione managed to haul herself up and started to climb.'Head to the left a bit.'Hermione climbed to the left.'Why are we taking weird directions through the tree? 'You are.'She turned her head and looked at him, blushing a little as she realized what he said.'This feels so ... Hermione smiled and kissed his nose.'Exactly,' she whispered.'I love you,' breathed Ron.Ron chuckled.'I doubt you could throw that high,' he replied. Ron was sitting on the sofa, chatting with Mr Granger, who was chuckling at something Ron had said.'Ah, you're here! Ron turned his head and Hermione gave him a small smile.'Hi,' she almost whispered.'Hi,' said Ron softly, smiling back. 'Hermione nodded.'Yeah,' she said, her smile increasing as Ron stood and offered her his arm. ''We thought you were headed to The Burrow when you were finished,' said Mrs Granger. Harry wants to see you anyway,' he said, looking back at Hermione. Well, everyone, really.'Hermione laughed a bit.'Harry's already there? Ron grinned.'Couldn't stay away from Gin,' he replied. Hermione nodded.'I suppose,' she replied, still grinning. She smiled at him and climbed out after removing the seatbelt.'Have your wand? Hermione smiled.'I love you too.''We should get to The Burrow.''Yes.'Ron helped Hermione back down the tree and the two headed back to the car, hand in hand. 'Ginny came flying at Hermione, who tensed a bit so she wouldn't go crashing backwards when Ginny hit her.

" she said, looking at the door, then to Ron, "Were you expecting someone tonight, Mr. ""I guess so," Ron said."I bet anything its Miss Brown," Madam Pomfrey said, "Girl's been coming in here every chance she gets. ""Oh," Ron said, grabbing the bowl, "Sorry."Madam Pomfrey muttered something and turned to the door.

And yet, they still try, forcing light in the darkness and daring to laugh when others want to cry.

After all, they aren't dead yet, and there's few things that would irritate the Dark Lord more than a bunch of blood traitors and muggleborns thriving in the face of his power.

Summary: Ever wonder if Ron and Hermione's relationship actually began secretly in Half Blood Prince? Ron glanced quickly at the necklace with engraved on it, which was on the bedside table.

Of course he never really had an official date with Lavender. Ron knew this was a bad thing, and it was apparent because of that horrible gift Lavender had given him for Christmas.

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This story will continue through the end of Half-Blood Prince and into Book 7. Weasley," said Madam Pomfrey in her motherly, but strict tone, "That poison may not have killed you, but you were...""Very lucky," Ron Weasley said, finishing the sentence, "I know, Madam Pomfrey. Ron didn't like the soup, but at least if he promised to eat it, it would keep Madam Pomfrey from annoying him. Besides Madam Pomfrey, he was the only person in the Wing.

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