Mandating vaccine opinion

Mandating vaccine opinion

In Norway no childhood vaccinations are routinely given in the first three months of life whereas a 2-month-old American infant has been vaccinated against at least four diseases.

At the same time, 99 percent of Norwegian infants are breastfed when they leave the hospital and generous family leave policies facilitate successful (and exclusive) breastfeeding.

So it came as a surprise to learn that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate supporting mandatory vaccines in this presidential election — which is calls the "father of the anti-vaccine movement — published a study in a British medical journal that linked vaccines to autism.

His study has since been retracted and Wakefield lost his medical license after it was reported that he "misrepresented or altered the medical histories" of those participating in his study.

There is tremendous evidence showing vaccinations prevent childhood diseases.

Evidence surrounding vaccination shows that prevented suffering and death from infectious diseases outweighs the rare adverse effects of vaccination.

Even more importantly, people who fail to get their vaccinations cost the country over billion per year in lost productivity and medical treatments, according to a new study from researchers at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

That said, we’ll stick to helping you reach Top Wallet Fitness and leave the medical advice to the experts.

As a result of widespread use of vaccines in the United States, many vaccine-preventable diseases of childhood have been reduced by 98% or more, compared to pre-vaccine era levels. Vaccines are either whole killed germs (bacteria or viruses), parts of the surfaces of those germs, live germs that have been weakened so they do not cause serious diseases, or toxins that bacteria produce that have been modified so they no longer are poisons.

The goal of vaccination is to give the immune system practice so that it is ready to recognize and destroy the real germs, if there is exposure, before those germs can cause disease.

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From a fear of needles to concerns over autism and even government mind control, the small percentage of Americans who shy away from vaccinations for themselves and their children each year certainly have their reasons.

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