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The VPD was quick to share its side of the story, posting messages online that accused Cannabis Day attendees of selling marijuana to “youth”.“The man was arrested and officers were immediately confronted and swarmed,” reads a media release.

“Police were required to pepper spray at least one person to complete the arrest.”Four people were arrested and the VPD has said it will likely recommend charges.

Swigonski identifies four main tactics coaches use: 1.

Moral justification: The bully attempts to portray the behavior as socially acceptable, with the coach making statements such as "all coaches lose it once in a while:" or "this is how we have always done things and we win games." Swigonski says that, "by arguing that the behavior is normal, coaches "invoke the logical fallacy that common and good are equivalent. The sport behavior of youth parents, and coaches: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

"This is what we're constantly dealing with in the mall." The South City Mall foyer became home to 20 to 30 young people after new seating was installed, Lindquist said.

She had operated the business in the mall for four years and had never experienced the same behaviour.

Another user said: "The CCTV time-stamp is an overlay added in post-production."Where have you seen black Times New Roman on CCTV like that?

"A similar clip was posted in 2014 showing a professional fighter caught on CCTV defending his wife from a group of men in Russia.

“A group of police stood on each corner and groups of roving officers circled the grounds.

An Invercargill business owner is dealing with broken doors, verbal abuse and litter from young people in south city, and some customers won't come near her store.

Lolly Time owner Sandy Lindquist wrote one of 13 submissions to the Invercargill City Council requesting the roading and traffic bylaw have tighter restrictions on skateboards and bikes in south city.

In January, while carrying boxes to her store, she was hit accidentally in the head by a young girl, Lindquist said.

"I had to weave my way through [the young people] with the box in my hands.

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Nicolai Vlasenko was questioned by police who took no further action after he was judged to have clearly been defending himself against nearly a dozen men.

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