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Gamer girl dating

Things like: Do: Treat her like a normal human being.

Don’t: Build a shrine to her and start worshiping the ground she walks on because she has a vagina and plays video games. Do: Take her out on dates to normal places and social events.

I know I will put our friendship to the test, but the question is, how to let her know my feelings and not sound like the rest of the stalkers in these games? I love that you respect the Gamer Girl Manifesto, but I don’t think you’re the audience that video was made for.

That’s aimed at sexiest people who are just generally awful human beings.

Those bro-dudes shouting nonsense at women just trying to play a game? Based on this email, I can already tell you are one of the good guys. That said, I think you might be psyching yourself out a bit here. And not just time out and about with friends or at a party. If you’re someone she’s comfortable going to when she’s in a difficult position…

You’re clearly not one of those gamer-stalker-people. your friendship clearly exists outside of the gaming world and off the Playstation Network. Asking someone out, it doesn’t matter if you’re friends IRL, virtual friends, or friends that are sort of floating in between like you are.

Why do you have discriminate against no female gamers?

It was something special, and I met them in school by chance but I am no longer in school. Or do I have to stalk a video game store and hope a hot chick walks in looking for Fallout 3 GOTY edition.

Need someone to help you in the inevitable zombie apocalypse?

Make sure your gamer friend is around, they'll literally know every item you'll need for survival.

We've taken a look at 10 real, spamless hook-up sites and offered our opinions on each.

If you happen to find your new boo, be sure to send us a thank-you letter.

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