Dynamic distribution group not updating

Dynamic distribution group not updating

Notice the 2 grey people icon: that tells you it’s a distribution list, not a local contact list. To enable presence information, drag contacts from the distribution list to a local contact list and then follow the instructions in this guide.

In some situations we have to Export all the Distribution group and all the members of it to a CSV file.

I am most of the way through a hybrid-mode migration from Exchange 2010 to Office 365. During the process, your on-premises Active Directory database and Exchange directories are synced to the cloud so that mailboxes that have been migrated still appear in the on-premises directory for mailboxes that have not migrated and vice versa.

Distribution groups can be a problem in an already-complex environment: ►On-premises distribution groups can’t be managed by an online mailbox user.

As with moderated groups, users will be able to open the distribution group and view the members but will not be able to expand the list to bypass list controls.

To change a distribution group to moderated: When a user opens a moderated group, they will be able to see a list of all group members: The Disable DLExpansion registry value is supported in Outlook 2007 and up.

To use it in Outlook 2016, add the Disable DLExpansion DWORD to the registry at and set the value to 1.

However, for small groups you need to have a value to filter on, such as city, office, etc, and may need to add additional attributes to user's account in order for a dynamic group to work.

To create a dynamic group: When a user opens a dyanmic distrubation group, they'll see a simple contact: In the Address Book, the Dynamic Distribution Group is marked with a gear icon over the group icon.

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