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• Look at the forehead ridge on Richard Todd’s helmet. (Update: It’s apparently Rawlings.) • In the past I’ve run lots of photos of those old molded plexiglass masks. When you compare these Namath photos with the ones in the previous bullet graf, it’s interesting to see that they had so many different ASG uniforms in their short existence.) • Never realized the Niners’ equipment staff used handwritten rear-helmet uni numbers. • Cool KC Scouts pennant (courtesy of Andrew Mocella). Yanks will be wearing a Bob Sheppard memorial starting with their next game, which is Friday.

Been a little while since we checked in with Robert Harvell and his amazing archive of football imagery. One thing I’ve noticed when preparing these entries is that I keep writing, “Here’s something I’ve never seen before,” which should give you an idea of how much fun it is to sift through Robert’s stash. (He’s still trading on his uni number, incidentally.) • Someone get Bobby Douglass a new nameplate! • We all know about the snow plow game, but check this out: A ref sweeping away snow with a broom. • Here’s a rare one: a Leaf NFL pennant collector’s book. • And today’s Lukas/Mets vintage item: a pennant that I’m willing to bet wasn’t officially licensed. Seen something on e Bay that you think would make good Collector’s Corner fodder? Uni Watch News Ticker: The Reading Phillies wore “Crazy Hot Dog Vendor” jerseys on Sunday (with thanks to Phil Stump). New uni number for Capitals goalie Semyon Varlamov (with thanks to Dane Drutis). Yesterday I mentioned that 19th-century baseball teams would trade ribbons, much like soccer teams now trade jerseys. There was talk yesterday about a microphone being part of the deal.” …

Okay, without further ado: • I’ve seen lots of Rose Bowl teams wearing rose-themed patches, but I don’t think I’d seen such patches on Illinois before. • If your team is gonna wear a special helmet decal, shouldn’t all the players wear it? • One last officiating shot: I love this zebra’s SEC patch. (Update: As some readers have immediately pointed out, maybe it doesn’t say “SEC” after all. ) More excellent material coming from Robert’s archive soon. • Fantastic placemat for the 1957 World Series Champion Milwaukee Braves. Terence Kearns sent along a fantastic article that explains the ribbon-swap phenomenon. One of those old Dodgers satin uniforms is up for auction (with thanks to Tony Nielsen). Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: An amusing analysis of Clemson’s football uniforms. If you actually care about the All-Star Game BP jerseys, well, that makes one of us. New name/number font for Real Madrid (with thanks to Timothy O’Malley). An NAHL team appears to have stolen an Icethetics reader’s logo concept. Note the little “84” tag on this photo of Rick Sutcliffe. And/or why is “84” positioned so high as to be visible? RIP, Harvey — a much greater loss to Cleveland than Lebron.

• I believe this shot is from an AFL all-star game. • What about this shot of Joe Willie — is that an AFL all-star game or a college all-star game? (Update: As Terry Proctor quickly pointed out, the last photo in the sequence shows the AFL logo on the football, so these are definitely from an AFL All-Star Game.

That one was created for Georgia QB John Rauch after he fractured his cheek.

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