Dating someone with sleep apnea pagdating ng mga tsino sa pilipinas

Babbett Peterson thought there was nothing less sexy than her husband’s snoring — until he brought home the cure.The 47-year-old Trabuco Canyon, Calif., woman took one look at the plastic face mask, the long tubing and the whirring motor that ran all night and decided there were worse things than a few snuffles and snorts.

Snoring, for instance, is common and often harmless. You'll both sleep better if you keep your room cool and dark overnight. Since many people snore the most when they lay on their backs, gently nudge your partner to roll onto his side and prop a pillow behind him. Put a small ping pong ball in the pocket, and sew it shut.

It’s not the kind of thing you need to bring up on a first date, but once you begin feeling comfortable with the person you’re seeing, you can broach the subject casually – maybe even make a joke about it.

Keep in mind that everyone has thing that they’re embarrassed about.

By spilling the beans about your sleep apnea and your CPAP therapy, your date may feel comfortable enough to tell you that he or she is diabetic or suffers from anxiety, and this could ultimately bring the two of you closer.

Plus, it’s a safe bet that he or she already knows someone who has sleep apnea, so your CPAP mask won’t be too big of a shock. Explain to your new flame that even though your mask may be unsightly, it’ll prevent you from snoring and help both of you sleep better. Don’t worry about how CPAP therapy will affect your sex life.

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Q: My husband is a snorer, and he has only gotten louder over the years. It's characterized by obnoxious levels of snoring and disturbed sleep, resulting in fatigue during the day.

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