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In case anyone out there is stubbornly staring at the wall like I once did, allow me to try to explain my evolution. Me on a couch, cozying up to whomever I am dating at the time!Perhaps we are conversing over wine, but more than likely there are two bottles of Corona with a splash of orange juice and we are enjoying what is known as “man-mosas.” As things get more comfortable, perhaps I introduce him to my Al Gore impression and, if that goes over well, my theory that in the event of an actual zombie apocalypse, the undead would simply rot away within a few days and no longer pose a threat. Maybe something in his brain is broken and he can’t process feelings?

Settling in a big city isn’t just about a place to live, or getting around. This is your guide to meeting new people and making friends in London.Join for free and browse user created groups covering everything from book clubs to theatre troupes to nature walking groups, or create your own tailor-made group to attract like-minded friends you can meet up with in your area. Finding something to do is made easy by Circle, which lets you plug in your location, interests, and availability and responds with a long list of available events, from concerts to sporting events to things to do with the kids. Put a higher emphasis on maintaining your relationships and enjoying your life in the present by using Moment to track your phone and tablet use.The app will give you daily, weekly, and monthly breakdowns, and help you change your habits to rely less on your technology and focus more creating memories with the people you're with. Never miss a friend (and avoid the ones that could put a damper on your day) with Social Radar which will let you know who's around when you attend events or enter a restaurant, bar, or club.Then we would have laughed and felt stronger for having talked it out.Six words pop into my head: “Your boyfriend is not your friend.” Picture it again! I am texting with a guy I’ve been seeing for months. I quickly flashback to a time I found out my friends all went to dinner and didn’t invite me because they thought I was working late.

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I had a tough-love therapist a while ago who frustrated me to no end. Slowly over time, as I’ve aged from a 22-year-old deer-in-headlights to an actual adult, I’ve started to understand what my therapist meant.

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