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What if you could quickly and easily access the sound of a perfectly mic’d guitar cabinet with a classic Celestion speaker…perhaps you would use a few microphones, and blend them for perfect tone…?In this video I demo Celestion’s guitar cabinet impulse responses, showing you the different sounds available from different microphones and how easy it is to blend different microphones together virtually to achieve great tone.

They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it. The very first Marshall amps that saw the light of day were called the JTM45 amps. This amp had 2 channels and 4 inputs and a reverb, identical to the Artiste 2068. The 2069 cabinet was a very tall straight front 4x12" cabinet. Little did they know then that they were at the threshold of a rock 'n roll revolution... This two piece setup, the head and cabinet, were sold together as Model 2059.Below, you can see that the top Komet is labeled A-6L6 and the bottom one is labeled B-EL34, and that these markings are mirrored on the Lehle Little Dual Amp Switcher (the red pedal on the floor) Below is a shot of the rack.You can see labels affixed to the pedals that correlate them with numbered loops in the CAE RS-10 floor controller.

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