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But for every innocent teenager looking to explore the world and make friends, there’s a Shirtless Bird-Face Donkey Man and of course, some guy masturbating (or both). 1 out 10 Chatroulette connections will involve some sort of nudity.That’s the risk you take when launching Chatroulette.How would you feel about having sex with someone who is physically on the other side of the world?What about having sex with something completely artificial, literally a program in a computer?“I think most people prefer to browse privately,” Lund responds.You might call Lund an exhibitionist, or you might call him narcissistic.Someone else–a guy named Jonas Lund–has total control of my browser because I’ve downloaded his Chrome extension called Selfsurfing.I see everywhere he visits on the web in real time, presented as if I’m going there myself, complete with several tabs. “Each change to my browser is stored in a simple mysql database,” Lund explains to Co.

The service provides you the ability to rapidly discover a conversational partner across the world, and this will be starting as soon as you log in the site.

Rather than strangers from around the world, you can now be hooked up with someone who might be living right down the street.

(To find out how that could impact public safety concerns here in Colorado Springs, see "Stranger dangers," below.) And if Localroulette isn't enough product diversification for you, the company has also rolled out Channelroulette, which allows users to choose between a selection of topic-specific channels, helping protect the prudent from the prurient. In practice, early figures show the majority of users opting for the "sex channel." So maybe it's not surprising that Apple recently pulled a new i Phone 4 Chatroulette application from its app store.

It might sound like science fiction, but it's here, you're already living in the future, you can do this now.

You know in some ways this is an extremely safe sex option, there's no opportunity for any sexual transmitted infections and you're probably much more protected from violence and those sorts of things." Sex robots might sound weird, but Fiona thinks we're ready to explore our sexuality and interact with people online in a sexual way.

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According to a recent New Yorker article, is racking up a daily average of more than 1 million discrete users. Some online commentators are already sounding Chatroulette's death knell.

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