Application screenupdating false does not work

Application screenupdating false does not work

I have a worksheet that has a Private Worksheet_Activate function associated with it.

My understanding is that this code will be triggered each time the worksheet is "activated"? Display Alerts = False End With Sheets("Enter_Miss").

Range("A1: A" & Bottom A) If find Dir = Director Then x = x 1 find Dir.

Paste Special Paste:=xl Paste Values For Each find Dir In Sheets("TOBESENT"). Cells(x 1, "A") End If Next find Dir Worksheets("New").

Screen Updating = True End If End Sub With drawingobjects:=false the sheet remains unprotected, cells are not locked and formulas are not hidden. Const str Pass Word As String = "1234" Public Function make Validate List(By Val cell As Range, By Val r1 As Range) As Integer Dim arr Cargo() As String Dim i, c As Integer Re Dim arr Cargo(1) arr Cargo(0) = "SLOPS" 'vaste waarden arr Cargo(1) = "MT" c = UBound(arr Cargo) 1 For i = 1 To r1.

Used Range) If rng Is Nothing Then Msg Box "nothing in Intersected range to be checked/removed" Go To done End If For ix = rng. Location: these additional related macros) Home Page: refer to Getting Started with Macros.For more depth see Install a Macro or User Defined Function on my Formula page. Cut Copy Mode = False End If x = 0 Worksheets("New"). Sent On Behalf Of Name = "[email protected]" .

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Advanced Filter Action:=xl Filter Copy, Copy To Range:=Sheets("New").

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