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grip, was instrumental in his capture, giving cops a license plate number that matched his town car.

The desperate courtroom bid - in which the Syrian native claimed he was pressured into coping a plea, incomprehensibly compared himself to an assembly line cake and shouted, "In America sex is legal! "I have before me a selfish, manipulative, narcissistic predator," Farber said, who noted incredulously that Sadagheh of Brooklyn claimed the stripper "wanted to exchange sexual favors for a cab ride." "I see no reason to give him less than 15 years," Farber said.

Then we’ll celebrate the underground music that served as inspiration for the filmmakers at a raucous after-party featuring a live performance by twisted glam rock/garage/punk band Low on High (Jon Moritsugu and Amy Davis) and indie-dark wave sounds of SISU, featuring Sandy Vu, formerly of the Dum Dum Girls. Panel Discussion: USC Students, Staff, and Faculty: RSVP USC Alumni: RSVP General Public: RSVP After Party and Concert: USC Students, Staff, and Faculty: RSVP USC Alumni: RSVP General Public: RSVP DESCRIPTION: “I want to make movies where you feel like you’re going to a show, where you leave all sweaty and freaked out and talking about it.

Ray Stark Family Theatre (SCA), School of Cinematic Arts 108 900 West 34th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90089 7 p.m.: Panel Discussion, The Ray Stark Family Theatre, School of Cinematic Arts 108, USC 9 p.m.: After Party and Concert, Tommy’s Place, Ronald Tutor Campus Center, USC ADMISSION: Admission is free. It should be like seeing a band instead of sitting there, checking it out, falling asleep.” —Jon Moritsugu Gregg, Roddy, Jon, and Marcus have exploded notions of identity and identification through a radicalized indie-film aesthetic inspired as much by the anything-goes energy of the underground music scene as by the formalist experimentations of directors like Godard.

While the original campaign involving Women’s Funding Network is now complete, the work on this issue continues among our member funds and foundations around the country. When we hear the words “sex trafficking,” as Americans we immediately think of women and children overseas who are being forced into the sex trade or who are brought into the United States for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

We partnered with women’s funds and foundations across the United States as part of a national campaign to research, prevent and end domestic minor sex trafficking.

Women’s funds and foundations are often the first to create, support, and promote the latest solutions to major social problems, and our members’ response to this issue was no exception.

The pimps who are trafficking young women and girls on the street in the U. We don’t usually think closer to home — Americans trafficked by Americans.

But I want you to think about young women and even girls that you have seen late at night when you come home from work or a social event.


Maybe it is easier to believe that it is an empowering choice they have than face the harsh reality of child sexual abuse, physical and mental abuse, and the pimps that prey on the young women and girls.

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