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American men are weighing in at an average of 196 pounds — 16 pounds more than in 1990, a Gallup Poll has found.

Potbellied and big-butted Americans stuff themselves silly all year round, a survey has found.

If you have a young man that plans on riding the school provided transportation please text/email Coach Adam Gassman.

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Overall, 59 percent of men and 69 percent of women are over their ideal weight.

Only one in six Americans are at their ideal weight.

The truth is, fat is in and thin is, well, mostly fantasy.Whey protein isolate is the most pure form (it contains 90 percent or more protein) and it has little to no fat, lactose or cholesterol.Whey protein concentrate has anywhere between 29 to 89 percent protein, and as the protein level decreases, the amount of fat and lactose increases.Where it comes from: Remember Little Miss Muffet who sat on her tuffet?The children's nursery rhyme is a testament to the long-standing health benefits of curds and whey.

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She used to weigh over 322 pounds—causing her to avoid social events and comfort-eat.

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